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Handkerchief (a): White handkerchief with a floral, pine-like design on one corner, and some light staining. Handkerchief (b): White handkerchief with openwork between the border and the main body, with the initials "LHG" written in the middle.…



Date: pre-1960

This is a black velvet muff with five rings of fur at equidistance. It is lined with black silk and has a cord at one opening. There is a layer of stuffing between the silk and velvet.



Date: 1900-1925

This is a cream cotton underbust corset with attached garters. Along with the back lacing, thee are lacing panels on either side of the busk and at the sides-back. These extra lacing sections are laced with a somewhat elastic braid. All the lacing…



Date: 1890-1915

Cream Shirtwaist with large floral pattern down the center, around the wrists, and along the shoulders. Vertically striped small pulled thread embroidery down the front, back, down the sleeves, and around the neck. The shirtwaist is closed by a snap…



Creator: John Forsythe

Date: 1899-1910

Black bodice with black embroidery on chest, shoulders, and wrists. Embroidery includes diamond shapes and flowers. Pleating on chest and by shoulders and wrists. High neck with white net at very top front. Separate matching belt. Label within…


Creator: Catherine Donovan

Date: 1877-1879

This is a cream satin wedding dress from the late 1870s with lace, faux flowers, and faux pearl details. The faux flowers adorn the neckline, each sleeve, and the front of the skirt bordering a pleated center panel. The lace is found at the cuff of…


Date: 1900-1915

Cream silk satin ribbon corset with back lacing and front busk with decorative bow at top. There are two covered elastic garters with decorative bows and two clips on each end attached at center front. Large hook at lower front on one side of the…



Date: 2018-05-02

A photograph of 3 students studying a brown historic dress on a table.


Date: 2018-05-02

A photograph of 3 students studying a brown historic dress on a table and taking notes.

Shifting Silhouettes Poster

Date: 2020

An online exhibit launched in 2020.


Date: 1900s-1910s

This is a cream blouse with a natural waist, bateau neckline, peter pan collar, and elbow-length sleeves. The bodice, sleeves, and collar are made of a silk chiffon with green, red, and purple floral print and decorated with cream lace and…

The Night Owls, Vassar's oldest a cappella group and the nation's oldest continually run all-female group, perform, 1963. © Vassar College, Archives & Special Collections Ref. # Ph.f16.29

Students do the 'Hustle' at a spring weekend dance, 1972. © Vassar College, Archives & Special Collections Ref. # Ph.f14.10

Students and their dates assemble for a prom dance, 1950s. © Vassar College, Archives & Special Collections Ref. # Ph.f14.7

Members of the 1942 class basketball team. In the back is Louise Bristol ( Ransom); front row left to right, Romie Cody Edwards, Lisa Dusser de Barenne (Blundell ), and Franny Prindle (Taft ). © Vassar College, Archives & Special Collections Ref. #…

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