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Basketball player, from the 2000 Vassarion

The Axies, from the 2000 Vassarion

Dressing up, courtesy of Allegra Shunk, VC2009

Daisy Chain, courtesy of Baize Buzan, VC2010


Dorm life 2006, courtesy of Liz LaBrocca, VC2009

Creator: Logan Woodruff

Date: 2011-05-26

A photo collage showing student styles from the 1960s to 2000s.

Students on the 1993 Daisy Chain, courtesy of Arden Kirkland, VC1993

Students pose in formal dress for a dance in 1993, courtesy of Arden Kirkland, VC1993

1993 Girls Soccer Team, from the 1993 Vassarion

Student at Convocation, Fall 1992, wearing a cap and gown

Students eating pizza in the Gothic Room in Cushing, 1990, courtesy of Arden Kirkland, VC1993

Enthusiastic serenading, 1985.

A class in the New England Building lecture hall, 1983.


Creator: Peter Howard

Students meet for a study group, 1994.Photo: Peter Howard

Students at commencement pose, 1970. © Vassar College, Archives & Special Collections Ref. # Ph.f5.1

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