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black silk shawl with fringe

Creator: I. Miller and Sons

Black T-strap sandals with gold heel, gold trim, and buckle closure.; black and gold heeled shoes (with gold heels) gold buckle with small rhinestones T-strap with criss-cross straps across the toes

Date: 1930-1939

I. Miller silver heels/shoes; cross over strap; almond-shaped slits over toes. Silver buckles with small rhinestones. ; I. Miller silver heels Cross over straps. Almond-shaped eyelits over toes.

Cream colored lace collar; Floral and tulip designs.; lace collar Cream colored lace collar. Floral and tulip designs.

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black lace silk shawl sewn onto muslin

black lace head scarf

lace cream-colored cravat

red and white checked kerchief

dark brown (faded black?) small square shawl, black floral embroidery at 2 corners, purple fringe

Creator: Tootal

cream scarf w/knotted fringe at ends

Creator: Cisco

cream scarf (acetate and rayon?) w/small fringe

cream / fawn shawl, cream floral embroidery, long fringe around edges

square cream colored shawl, cream floral embroidery, fringe

triangular black lace shawl, floral design, scalloped edges

square black shawl w/floral embroidery, tiny black beads, lace

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