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Creator: B. Altman & Co.

grey wool riding coat

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Creator: Oppenheim, Collins & Co.

black velvet blazer w/gathered waist

Creator: Nelson - Hickson

dark purple coat - full length, lighter purple lining

Creator: Maurice Mendel Inc.

black velvet coat - full length, cream lining

Creator: Walther & Co.

velvet coat with tasseled tie

Creator: Marrkil & C[?]

wool jacket w/velvet and purple lining

Creator: Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

white skirt - Abercrombie and Fitch?

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Front View of Black Silk Dress with Train

Creator: Juliette Tallet

Date: 1904 (circa)

Dress of black silk trimmed with lace, black, and ivory embroidery and lace high collar inset at neckline. Long sleeves with embroidered cuffs. Full length skirt with train.

bright blue bodice with black ribbon trim and white lace detail on shoulders and cuffs

Creator: Herterich

Ivory mesh dress with thick silk satin ribbon embroidery of the same color around the bottom of the skirt, sleeves and bodice, and down the length of the dress, on the front and back. the panels of embroidery are also decorated with buttons. the…

Creator: Franklin Simon & Co.

Date: 1912 (circa)

Dress of light tan silk and lace with rhinestones and beading; many layers; bodice has 8.75 inch wide tan lace pieces that are draped over each shoulder from the waist in front to the waist in the back; asymmetrical bodice overlay in front and back…

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