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How to View this Exhibition

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Some functions may not work correctly on a mobile device or with a different browser.
Please contact us for assistance, or to report something that isn't working properly.

Several pages have rotating views which give a better sense of the 3D nature of each garment.
If these aren't playing properly within the pages, please try the link that says "view at full size" to try another version. 

When viewing the rotating views, click on the question mark to learn how to control the image rotation and zooming functions.
Those functions also work best when viewing the full screen version of the rotation.

There are two different ways to go through the exhibition:

  1. you can use the navigation titles right under the exhibition title to skip to a different section of the exhibition, or a different page within a section
  2. if you want to make sure you don't miss anything, you can start at the Introduction section, on the first page, and then use the links at the bottom of each page with right or left arrows to go to the next or previous page

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