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5. 2012 Wedding Dress of Anna Langdell


an interview with Anna Kichorowsky Langdell - read the transcript

ID#: AL2013001
Date: 2012
Materials: silk and silk net
on loan from Anna Kichorowsky Langdell

Especially for this exhibition, Anna Kichorowsky Langdell (Vassar class of 2006) has loaned us her 2012 wedding gown, to include the fourth generation. She is the daughter of Leontine Hartzell (Vassar class of 1979), granddaughter of Mary Lee McPhillips Hartzell (Vassar class of 1953), great-niece of Ellen McPhillips Baumann (Vassar class of 1963), and great-granddaughter of Leontine Kennedy McPhillips (Vassar class of 2006).

“It's the idea of, okay well we're finally getting into our careers, we finally want to settle down- maybe not settle down, but at least settle together.”

“So when I got married, I thought not quite the feminist thing to do, to change my last name, but at the same time Kichorowsky is a majorly long and difficult name to have. Langdell is much easier, which is fun.” - Anna Kichorowsky Langdell (Vassar class of 2006)

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