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The Evolution of Collegiate Dress - In Class and On Campus

While most objects from the Vassar College Costume Collection are from about 1850-1950, we wanted to also represent the six decades that follow, from the 1960's to the 2010's. As we started to look at photographs from these periods, we found that several different subjects emerged for us to compare styles throughout our history: casual dress, dressing for class, what's under caps and gowns, the Daisy Chain, formal dances, singing groups, and athletics. This grid of photos continues our timeline of the history of student styles at Vassar, but also allows us to compare and contrast dress for different situations over time.

-this section by Logan Woodruff '14, Chloe Boxer '12, Ceci Cholst '11, JoLeigh Kirkland '68, and Arden Kirkland '93

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All images are courtesty of Archives and Special Collections, Vassar Library, unless otherwise noted on the information page for each photo.