The Vassar College Costume Collection (VCCC) is a collection of original historic clothing, dating from the 1830s to the present. The mission of the collection is twofold: to provide physical artifacts to support the study of the history of fashion design, and to preserve the history of the college. Each object in the collection can serve as an example to teach about fashion's norms or innovations that developed throughout history, yet each garment also comes to us from Vassar's community and represents Vassar's own past, telling us in turn about the history of women's education and the history of the Hudson Valley.

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Featured Exhibits

Shifting Silhouettes

Shifting Silhouettes Poster

Shifting Silhouettes: How Society, Culture, and History Shape the Way We Clothe Ourselves The Vassar College Drama Department Historical Costume Collection in...

Fashioning an Education

Fashioning an Education Announcement

Fashioning an Education: 150 Years of Vassar Students and What They Wore May 16-June 12, 2011 at the Palmer Gallery, Vassar...