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Date: 1870-1890

Black satin bodice with beading, pleats, boning, full-length leg-o-mutton sleeves, high collar, pink accents on reverse of satin, lace at ends of sleeves, and shoulder ruffles.



Date: 1890-1905

A black, velvet, beaded bodice with leg o' mutton sleeves and a yellow lined collar. There is black floral beading and embroidery on the chest and lower sleeves, four groups of piping in rows of three on each sleeve, yellowing lace on the wrists,…



Black beaded fichu made of faille, silk, cotton lace, and beading. In good condition with some tears, holes, fraying, stains, mending, and pest damage. ; Black beaded fichu with lace and beaded shoulder covers



Elaborate collarette of black lace, silk, linen, burlap, beads and metal; band collar of silk, covered in lace; collar attached to star-shaped silk structure backed with linen-covered burlap; star forms long points center front and back; small star…

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black beaded overshirt

black silk bodice with self stripe

black net bodice with long sleeves, matching collar

Creator: Maison Levilion

Date: 1895-1900

black faille bodice with front inset and cuffs of ivory with black lace overlay; Black faille bodice with front inset and cuffs of ivory with black lace overlay. Lace and ivory silk are a later addition in the same shape as a previous part. Interior…

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