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Dorothy Reid Kittell winning a race (on the right). Courtesy Dorothy Kittell Hesselman VC1951

Dorothy Kittell Hesselman VC1951 wearing her mother’s gymsuit to her own 40th reunion, in 1991. Courtesy Dorothy Kittell Hesselman VC1951. From left to right: Judith Guild Stewart, Barbara Miller Piane, Dorothy Kittell Hesselman, and Barbara…


Date: 1930-01-01

Yearbook Portrait of Elizabeth Moffatt. From the 1930 Vassarion.


A Vassar student playing tennis. See for more information.


Elizabeth Moffatt Drouilhet, in her role as Warden of the College. Courtesy of Archives & Special Collections Library, Vassar College. Elizabeth Moffat Drouilhet was a member of the Vassar Class of 1930. She served as Acting Warden of the College…


An illustration portrays the activities that took place in the Calisthenic Hall in Vassar’s earliest days. © Vassar College, Archives & Special Collections Ref. # Ph.f10.9A

1993 Girls Soccer Team, from the 1993 Vassarion

Photograph of woman with tennis racket and net. Courtesy of Archives & Special Collections Library, Vassar College (Student Photograph Album #66, from Grace (Rideout) Briggs, VC1888)

Floy Stager Shirk on a horse. Courtesy of her granddaughter, Marolyn Davenport VC1968.

Portrait of Floy Stager Shirk, VC ex-1907, during her freshman year at Vassar, c. 1904. Courtesy of Marolyn Davenport, VC1968, her granddaughter.

Basketball player, from the 2000 Vassarion

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