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An illustration portrays the activities that took place in the Calisthenic Hall in Vassar’s earliest days. © Vassar College, Archives & Special Collections Ref. # Ph.f10.9A

Date: 1869

A. T. Stewart store opens on Broadway in 1869 at Broadway and 10th

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Alida C. Avery, born in New York in 1833, served Vassar as both professor of Physiology and Hygiene and campus

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Date: 1865

B. Altman & Co. store opens at 39 Third Avenue in 1865.

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Date: 1868

B. Altman & Co. store opens at 331 Sixth Avenue in 1868.

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Maria Mitchell poses with the first Astronomy class at Vassar College.

Photograph of F.A.B.M. Courtesy of Archives & Special Collections Library, Vassar College (Student Photograph Album #10, from Pamela A. Roberts, VC prep 1866-7)

Date: 1858

R. H. Macy & Co. store opens at 14th st. and Sixth av. in 1858

Date: 1859

In Trow’s New York city directory of 1859, there is a listing for "Rallings William, milliner, 318 Canal," presumably Mme. Rallings' husband (p. 656).

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