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Creator: Nelson - Hickson

dark purple coat - full length, lighter purple lining

Creator: Maurice Mendel Inc.

black velvet coat - full length, cream lining

Creator: Walther & Co.

velvet coat with tasseled tie

Creator: Miss Mary Tabar

cut velvet leaf pattern coat with quilting

Creator: Aeun & Greenes

velvet coat w/frogs and cream lace at neck and sleeves

Creator: The Tailored Woman

gold floral coat

Creator: Bruck-Weiss

print gold flower + leaf coat

Creator: Best & Co.

gold coat with flowers

blue velvet coat w/ fur trim and matching blue muff

Creator: Luckey, Platt + Co.

black wool coat with fur trim

Creator: The Wallace Co.

black velvet coat

navy blue cut velvet pant

Beige Coat with Shawl Collar and Tab Trim

beige light coat

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