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tan hat with grey flowers and cream ribbon on the outside. Hat is made from straw, the flowers are made from linen with wire for structural support, and the ribbon is grosgrain. There is a small silver hat pin off-center front on the left. There is a…



Date: 1890 (circa)

Two piece wedding dress of cream wool blend and silk moire with metal supports and closures. Bodice (a) of cream wool blend; boned; high-hip length; pointed waistline; two waist darts on each side in front; princess seams in back; lacing at center…

Creator: Halle Hubbard Woods

Navy headpiece with veil and bows; wire covered with velvet; navy headpiece with veil and bows

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Date: 1885 (circa)

Small wire bustle cage with 3 springs, with cotton chintz covering, cotton tape, and metal buckle closure.; bustle cage-3 metal coils and light brown cotton chintz covering: wiastband at cotton tape with 1 metal buckle closure; 3 vertical metal…

Date: 1880 (circa)

Small bustle cage with 2 pieces of crescent shaped wire mesh held by cotton tape, with a metal buckle closure. Black braided wire and beige cotton tapes; waistband of cotton tabby weave tape with 1 buckle closure; 2 rolls of braided wire suspended…

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