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Date: 1997

White wedding dress(a) of satin, net, sequins, and beads; long sleeves with some gathering at shoulders; full, floor-length gathered skirt; decorative beads and sequins on the bodice, sleeves, skirt, and him in a symmetrical lace and floral motif;…

long white top with lace half way down the sleeves and torso, embellishment on the chest of lace and beads. Floor length white satin skirt.

Creator: Jim Hjelm Occasions

Date: 1998

grey sleeveless floor length bridesmaid's dress of satin with pleated bodice

Date: 1998

Brown bridesmaid's gown. Off shoulder, v-neck. Velvet bodice, velvet gloves. Satin skirt, satin rolled flowers on back waist, satin tails. Metal zipper, metal hook and eye at top.


1991 Daisy Chain, from the 1993 Vassarion

Creator: Peter Howard

Students meet for a study group, 1994.Photo: Peter Howard

Students eating pizza in the Gothic Room in Cushing, 1990, courtesy of Arden Kirkland, VC1993

Student at Convocation, Fall 1992, wearing a cap and gown

1993 Girls Soccer Team, from the 1993 Vassarion

Students on the 1993 Daisy Chain, courtesy of Arden Kirkland, VC1993

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