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Silk camisole with short sleeves. Sleeves and collar are trimmed with lace. Additional lace insets on the sleeves, bust, and back. Silk ribbon running along the top of the camisole.


Camisole was once white. Buttons down the front. Tank sleeves. Collar and armholes are trimmed with lace. Sage green silk ribbon inserted about the front and back collars of the camisole, so as to tie in the front.


Open drawers. Hems are trimmed with lace. Ladies' undergarment. Buttoned at waist.

Cream Chemise with Geometric Lace Designs; cream cotton; chemise; sleeveless, waist-length, geometric lace designs with peplum piece under waist-line, gathers under neckline and above waist-line

light pink corset cover with pink white fringe on sleeves; light pink silk, beige cotton lining; corset cover, rounded wide neckline, waist length, short sleeves with pink trim and white/pink fringe, princess seam lines, 1 piece of metal boning at…



Cream Cotton Chemise with Collar Detailing; cream cotton; chemise- knee-length; rounded, off-the-shoulder neckline, small inserted V-opening in back-neckline with closures, floral trim around neckline and sleeves, gathering under neckline trim, short…


Cream cotton underwear blouse with eyelet, pintuck, and shell-button detailing; I. Cream cotton, shell buttons, cotton lace II. Full underwear blouse III. Crewneck trimmed with lace; straight sleeve with cuff trimmed in pintucks and lace; buttons…


Date: 1905 (circa)

White cotton bloomers with intentionally split crotch, lace detail at bottom of cuff, 3 buttons, and tiered cuffs.

Date: 1880 (circa)

small bustle cage; cream cotton bias tape, wide plain weave cotton-possibly stiffened or treated, plain weave striped tan cotton with diagonal stripes, oatmeal cotton lace, wire coils, metal fasteners narrow bustle with 3 wire coils, 3 padded loafs;…

Date: 1875 (circa)

Full length bustle cage of cotton tapes and wire.

Cotton tape and metal bustle cage; 27 metal rings attached to cotton with studs every inch; seven vertical bands of cotton tape; buckle center front waist; very wide weave of cotton tape center bottom; cotton tape has pattern of stripes and diamonds.

full length bustle cage-3; Lower hoops suspended from belt and bustle by 1.5 inch vertical tape, lower hoops also connected to upper bustle with twill tape in criss-cross formation with rivets; width of both upper and lower hoops can be adjusted via…

Creator: Merode

women s white knit undergarment; women's white knit undergarment

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