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Back View of Lavender Dress with Cream Embroidery

Lavender dress. Cream embroidery on the sleeves and dress. Lace sleeves. There is also a sash and a detached fabric piece.


Date: 1874-1916

Beige bodice and skirt that attach at the waist with cream flower embroidery and a pink and green sash and a separate lace collar. Cotton was used, bodice (a), has three quarter length sleeves, pleating on the sleeves and in the center front


Long blue sash. Front of sash is silk, the back is cotton. Front and back are machine sewn together.


purple and gold striped sash/tie; purple and gold sash or neck tie; purple/silver/gold stripes, purple binding; some netting on underside.

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Date: 1981

Dress (a) of white cotton gauze with fine tucks throughout, creating self-stripe effect; bodice fitted with bust and waist darts; floor-length; inset of lace at natural waistline; 3/4 length sleeves with lace ruffle; v-neck; tiered skirt, alternating…

red plaid cap and sash



maroon velvet sash, machine sewing; maroon velvet sash

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sea green velvet sash w/mother of pearl clasp

peach and blue polka dot dress w/ blue polka dot jacket and a matching blue polka dot sash; peach silk, blue polka dot silk, white repair netting; 3 parts;

dress: drop waist dress, peach bodice with 2 rows of 3 small tucks each (one below waist, one…

Date: 1940

wedding nightie - 1940, w/robe and sash: robe: light peach/off-white silk, short-sleeved with pleated sleeves with lace trim, lace panel between chest and waist with silk buttons, pleated bottom; nightgown: light peach/off-white silk, sleeveless top…

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