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How to View the Digital Exhibition

The easiest way to view the entire exhbition, and not miss anything, is to start at the beginning:

  • Next to where it says "Fashioning an Education" above, click on "Intro," which will take you to the first page of the first section.
  • Near the bottom of that page, you can click where it says "About" with a right arrow to go to the next page
  • On each page that follows, click on the button at the bottom right with the right arrow when you're done reading that page

If you prefer to skip around:

  • Next to where it says "Fashioning an Education" above, the titles of the different sections of the exhibition are listed.
  • When you click on one of those titles, a new row of titles appear below that. These are the titles for each page in the chosen section.
  • You can click on any section or page titles you like to skip around as desired.