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Grey Tunic Gymsuit of Elizabeth Moffat Drouillhet

Front View of Gray Field Hockey Uniform

Gray Field Hockey Uniform

worn in 1926-1930
wool, cotton, silk and metal

This gym suit was worn by Elizabeth Moffatt (Drouilhet) '30 as her uniform for field hockey. She was the captain of her class's field hockey team for all four years she spent at Vassar. Under her leadership, the team was very successful. Remarkably, field hockey uniforms for women have barely changed in the 80 years since this uniform was worn.

Ms. Drouilhet is better known by more recent students as "The Dru," having returned to Vassar in 1940, serving as Warden of the College until 1976. In this role, she was responsible for the social and residential life of students, and was highly respected (and feared).

White shirt is not original, but represents what would have been worn, with either short or long sleeves. Black stockings were also commonly worn, probably with some kind of shorts.

Courtesy of Archives & Special Collections Library, Vassar College

Grey Tunic Gymsuit of Elizabeth Moffat Drouillhet