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The Video collection includes those recorded by students when working hands-on with objects from the main Costumes and Textiles collection, or ore formally edited materials to support exhibits or coursework.

VCCC in Action


The “VCCC in Action” collection is for images or documents that are related to the activities of the Vassar College Costume Collection, but aren’t associated with a specific object in the main Costumes and Textiles collection. This mainly includes photographs showing student, faculty, alumnae, and other community interaction with the collection.

Rotating Views

For these views, each costume is dressed on a mannequin, placed on a turntable, and photographed at each of 20 different rotations. These images are then "stitched" together into a video in which the object can be rotated 360 degrees. The user can rotate the image by dragging with the mouse, and can use buttons in the viewer window to zoom in for greater detail. These are also sometimes called Inverse Panoramas, ObjectVRs, or QTVRs.


For some objects, students and faculty have developed flat patterns to show how they are constructed. These pattern images can be printed out and scaled to size.



Brief biographical records of a person or a company can be recorded in this collection to provide context for their relationship to objects in the main Costumes and Textiles collection.



For some projects, we have recorded and transcribed interviews, for example with the wearers or donors of costume objects, or with curators of exhibits. Some may be public while others are only available to logged in users, depending on the permission of the interviewee. These records may include audio files with transcriptions.


Shifting Silhouettes Poster

Events include exhibitions, workshops, presentations, or even milestones for objects and their makers or sellers. Giving these their own records makes it easier to place them on a timeline or a map. Then all the images or other files associated with an event, like an exhibition, can be grouped with the event record.

Costumes and Textiles

Front View of Black Silk Dress with Train

Costumes and textiles are the basis of the Vassar College Costume Collection and are the main focus of this digital collection. Item records in the Costumes and Textiles collection are about the clothing artifacts themselves, with digital images files directly included in their records. Other supporting resources such as documents or photographs scanned from original prints are related as supplemental resources.